donderdag 23 december 2010

Interview off the day.

Hallo iedereen! Ik heb weer een intervieuw met: MAKHDOUMAA:

Ze is Frans maar kan Engels spreken.
Ik ga het eerst in het Engels schrijven en dan in het nederlands.
1) Who are you
I'm makhdoumaa2)How did you discover stardoll?
i discovered stardoll at random surfing on the net :) i discovered all we could do here and as i love creativity and design i decided to subscribe :)
3) What clothes do you like?
i love glamour dresses and desguises original outfits with whom i can create original styles

4) What can you do good according to your friends
on stardoll?
i love my friends on stardoll i try to visit them all everyday send messages say hi :) i'm close to them and they are all very important to me i'm honest with them

How long will go on stardoll, do you think.
 i'm staying on stardoll for the moment

6) How long do you sit on stardoll new?
i'm here for an undetermined period :)
and i like the new version of stardoll too..

7) What do you want to change on stardoll?
thgs are getting more and more expensive
the chat is bad and should be like it was in the precedent version..

8) Who is your best friend on stardoll
(It don't be me)
my best friend on stardoll: i can't give a name because i really like ALL my betsies and i really have 33 i'm lucky enoughand i love them all equally :) i can't give a name sorry :)
9) Who will I take tommorow for a interview?

thks for the interview :) try to interview a boy of your choice maybe to change :) it could be interesting.. ;)

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